Hey Kiker community! We, the Kiker Elementary PTA, need your help gathering your guardian/student information so that the online directory is available for your use as soon as possible.

The PTA is Committed to Your Privacy

We are aware that people are understandably wary of giving out their personal information...we get it.  That is why we are committed to your privacy.  The information you give is intended for school-related communication among the community and all other uses are expressly prohibited.  During the registration process, you can chose whether or not you want your information available in the online directory.

Simple, 5-Minute Process

It is a very simple task and should only take about 5 minutes.  Fewer than a dozen fields are required and you can easily accomplish the task on a mobile device.  Please click the "Submit/Update My Directory Information" button below and fill out the form.  In cases where students are part of multiple households (blended homes, involved grandparents, etc.), all guardians can create an account to add their information; each household involved should add the students.  You will receive an email confirming your account.  You will be able to see directory information as soon as your account is reviewed and approved.

Submit/Update My Directory Information